Essemble = 4 schools, 4 teams, 4 dreams

First week in Lisbon was great! Getting to meet fellow students in different environment. Nice campus. First week workshops on Spatial Storytelling using locations and characters as starting point. Classes on Virtual reality, using VR gear to shoot on location in Lisbon finishing the edit and testing. We ended up not only with a film but with a cinematic experience. Very innovative!

Erno Baelus, LUCA School of Arts


During the last months 4 teams received prep-classes and workshops in filmschools Mome-Budapest, IFS-Köln, Ulusofona-Lisboa, LUCA School of Arts – Brussels to eventually shoot their film in Lisbon. 3 weeks of intensive work to get their audiovisual project realized from paper to edit combining live-action with animation, stop-motion and motion capture combining ingredients from video-game environments. Looking forward to the finished product. Expectations are high.

Enjoy this behind the scenes.



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